Expert Course


3 - 7

Course summary

The expert course enables Little Scientists to develop and use knowledge derived and skills gained from the Beginner and Intermediate courses. Little Scientists continue to have their curiosity inspired and have fun as they:

  • become familiar with identifying, choosing and using the correct equipment for the science tasks in hand

  • distinguish to which branch of science particular activities/experiments relate

  • develop their ability to describe their observations, explain why things happen and how things work

  • start to integrate biological, chemical, physical and STEM concepts to develop an awareness of complexity in the world around us

  • use knowledge gained in the previous courses to make informed predictions

Little Scientists carry out a range of fun activities and their exciting experiments include:


  • Exploring the properties of dry ice

  • Filtration in action

  • The importance of bones

  • Frictional effects of materials

  • Kinetic sand

  • Insects and life cycles

  • Optical illusions

Location, dates and time

St. Anne's and St. Andrew's

125 Salusbury Road



Our Expert course

will run on the following Saturdays

between 12:00 - 13:00

16 January (start)
23 February
30 February
06 February
13 February (Half term break)
20 February
27 February
06 March
13 March
20 March
27 March (end)

Little Scientists Club Limited, 18 College Parade, Salusbury Road, Queens Park, London, United Kingdom, NW6 6RL.

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