Intermediate Course


3 - 7

Course summary

The intermediate course builds on material from the Beginner course to strengthen the knowledge gained and links made between key scientific and STEM principles and the world around our Little Scientists. 


We will explore the intrinsic links between the three branches of science, STEM principles and introduce Little Scientists to the concepts of prediction, testing and results. 

Little Scientists carry out a range of fun activities and their exciting experiments include:


  • Weather science

  • investigating seeds

  • exploring the density of materials

  • analysing the structure of fingerprints 

  • creating air-propelled boats

  • understanding the biological importance of mucus

  • testing our understanding of absorption

  • rocket propulsion

Location, dates and time

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Little Scientists Club Limited, 18 College Parade, Salusbury Road, Queens Park, London, United Kingdom, NW6 6RL.

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