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Little Scientists Club runs science courses for children between the ages of three and seven. Our science courses help establish and strengthen the foundation for your child's academic progress in branches of science and STEM.


Throughout the courses, we explore a variety of biological, chemical, physical and STEM principles that exist in the world around us. Each activity has been carefully designed to stimulate learning in the crucial stages of your child's cognitive development and to inspire their scientific curiosity.


We provide an environment that allows children to observe and engage with scientific and STEM-based principles in a practical manner. We believe this will encourage them to process scientific information, think creatively and make informed decisions.


All of our classes include interactive talks and practical experiments.


Science courses


3 - 7

Little Scientists are introduced to the three branches of science; biology, chemistry and physics. Through fun and practical activities they learn about basic scientific concepts, principles and phenomena. The Saturday club runs throughout the academic year and is composed of three courses (Autumn, Spring and Summer), each of which are made up of 10 1-hour sessions, on Saturdays. 

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