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Little Scientists Club...


- Feedback from Schools -

Little Scientists Club is an exciting and inspiring club, which pupils thoroughly enjoy. Their sophisticated approach to teaching science is pleasant, friendly and delivered with a terrific sense of compassion and passion for motivating pupils to learn about science. They teach science through a variety of creative and practical methods which inspire a natural love of learning about science. Little Scientists Club will be a credit to any institution and stands to make a significant contribution to primary education.


They have designed activities which encourage pupils to think deeply and imaginatively about scientific ideas. What has impressed the teachers of my schools even more is that Little Scientists Club has incorporated the academic element of teaching young pupils with enjoyable activities and outstanding lessons, which leads me to believe that any school will benefit from the opportunity to have Little Scientists Club in their environment.


The resources and equipment that Little Scientists Club use are amazing. They provide a huge variety of practical and fun activities that create an atmosphere in which pupils feel comfortable to explore, ask reaching questions and develop their inquisitive minds.


  -  Aliya Azam MBE (Head of Science)  -

-  Mr Sayid Ali Reza Khoei (Head Teacher)  -


- Feedback from birthday parties -



Kisa and her friends had a superb experience! Many of the parents complimented her on the cool choice. She will be buzzing for days. Thank you for making her 5th birthday celebrations so special!


- Caroline Namujju -

"Thank you and your team for the fabulous birthday activity you delivered on Saturday. Ethan loved it and has already declared that he wants "exactly the same thing" next year ;-). His friends clearly enjoyed it, and their parents were amazed by the level of engagement and interest the children showed (never underestimate a 3-year-old!). As well as a great activity, I really appreciated the prep and organisation, helpful communication throughout, the aesthetically pleasing design of all your materials and Ethan's thoughtful gift. Couldn't have been better. Thanks again."


- Roni Katz - 


- Feedback from science courses -

"I absolutely love this club - everything about it and wish you had some for older children - Izzy who is 9 would benefit immensely. Love the experiments which really bring science to life for my little sponge. Xander is thrilled to be there and I'm thrilled to send him."


- Lydia Cherry -

"Like I'm sure most of the kids do, Poppy has her Little Scientists Club t-shirt on as soon as she wakes up on Saturday morning, even though the class doesn't start until 1pm. She thoroughly enjoys all the activities/experiments. Roll on the intermediate course, worth every penny to see my daughter be inspired!"


- Olivia Davis -



"The club is amazing and Dylan loves it, he often mentions during the week if it’s Saturday yet so he can go! It’s a really great atmosphere for kids to have fun while learning. 10/10!"


- Jamie Cunningham -


"Tara has really enjoyed her Saturday Science Club sessions and looks forward to it. The variety of subjects the sessions have introduced to her at a young age is very impressive and in such a fun manner! Thank you team for your well organised and informative classes."


- Varuna Kollanethu -


"I recommend these classes for kids, they absolutely enjoy them."

"Shriya comes home each week with so much excitement after the classes! The teachers and classes are amazing!"


- Neera Hirani -



"Shriya comes home so excited about what she has done and loves how she is learning and what is being taught. The teachers and classes are amazing!"


"I recommend these classes for kids, they absolutely enjoy them we are extremely happy with Little Science Club, Shriya loves it and so does the husband! 


- Mo Hirani -



"I am very glad to see how Enzo enjoys the little scientists club. At the beginning, I was a bit worried because Enzo did not follow the instructions very well and got upset easily, but I was surprised when I saw him doing everything right and having fun while learning. I think you guys are excellent with the kids, I was looking for an activity for Enzo to get out of the iPad and the television a little bit and I see that I made the right choice. Thank you very much for your dedication."


- Lucia B Pepi -




"My son loves it and shows off to everyone about 'my science club'."


- Willa Beckett -




"We wanted to thank you for all the tasks you have put together for the children. Prisha has enjoyed all of them and relates to them in her daily routine. You guys are very hands on :)"


- Jayna Hirani -




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