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S.T.E.M. courses

Course summary

You may be familiar with STEM as a government-approved approach to education, based on integrating Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics into a single learning based experience.


The STEM approach is in the same spirit as the Little Scientists Club’s ethos.


In January 2019, we will launch the first Little Scientists Club STEM course, for children between the ages of five and seven (or children aged 3 or above who have completed the Beginner, Intermediate and Expert science courses).


Our STEM course integrates science, technology, engineering and mathematics in a fun-filled, interactive and practical set of activities that will stimulate your child’s interest and knowledge.


Each activity has been carefully designed to accelerate learning in this crucial stage of your child's cognitive development and inspire their curiosity in STEM. We believe our STEM course will encourage your child to pay closer attention to detail, think more creatively and make better-informed decisions. All of our sessions include interactive talks and practical activities.




Our STEM course delves into the world of science and touches on some fascinating and valuable facets of the world around us. Building on knowledge of the three branches of science we will investigate the ways in which we rely on and use science to our advantage.

Little Scientists will explore the basics of computing by developing an understanding of the logic and importance of coding. This knowledge will be put into practice to experience how computing can be used in the real world.


We all benefit from the minds of innovative engineers. Our STEM course will take us into the world of engineering and will give your child the opportunity to develop their awareness of what we call civil infrastructure, electric-powered technology, robotics and transportation.

There is no doubt maths is intrinsically linked to all the other areas of STEM. Little Scientists will explore these links to understand how we can use maths to explain scientific phenomena, develop technology and engineer the world we have around us.


Dates and times

Our next STEM session will start in September 2019.
Please visit this page closer to that date to get further information on course dates and times. 
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