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We have designed a weekly science club that focuses on learning through experience. Our Tuesday club empowers Little Scientists to explore scientific concepts independently, within a supportive environment.

Our practical, fun and educational experiments and activities focus on the intrinsic links between maths, science and English. Little Scientists will learn how to navigate the English language to understand written instructions and combine this understanding with mathematical principles to predict and test scientific concepts. 

Club summary


5 - 9

Learning is experience. Everything else is just information

Albert Einstein

Location, dates and time

St. Anne's and St. Andrew's

Time:       45 min drop in sessions

             between 15:30 - 18:00


Price:       £240 or 3 monthly installments

              of £80

Tuesdays, starting 25 May 2021

125 Salusbury Road, London


Each Tuesday, Little Scientists can drop in at any time between 15:30 and 17:15 to embark on their 45-minute journey of practical and independent learning. They will be equipped with all the tools and information required to carry out an activity that will stay with them forever and stimulate their hunger to learn more about science. 

Once completed they will have a set of exercises to undertake on site and at home that will help consolidate and further develop their understanding of each weekly experience. 

All activities will encourage critical thinking and independent exploration. They will help Little Scientists establish links between key scientific and STEM principles and the world around our them.


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